💵 Top reasons to get investors pre-revenue

Can I win investors without any revenue?

1. Your Business Model Has Been Proven (by others)

  • Delivery Hero managed to build a delivery service with venture capital while a direct competitor pizza.de was already around.
  • Rocket Internet is a company builder that specialised in taking successful new business models and transferring the to different countries, Zalando for example.

2. The Problem is Huge

  • The German company Flaschenpost (eng. “drift bottle”) re-invented delivery of beverages such as bottled water. They have been acquired for 1 bn. € in 2020.
  • The online supermarket Picnic provides grocery delivery and is therefore relevant to almost 100% of the population.

3. You are already well-connected to venture capital or have a track record

4. You are persistent as hell

5. Your business is very lucrative and easily convincing

Is that all?

From founders for founders



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